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TRANSFIGURATION - Debut Program at The Platform

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Intersection’s debut performance, Transfiguration, conducted by Kelly Corcoran brought together an ensemble of 19 professional musicians from Nashville, California, New York, Florida and North Carolina. The performance included a collaboration with contemporary dance company New Dialect and a video art installation curated by Zeitgeist Gallery. The program featured vastly influential 20th and 21st century composers whose music is seldom heard in Nashville.



Venue: The Platform
Thursday, March 26, 2015

Intersection's program, Transfiguration, included Estonian, American, British and Russian composers. Only one piece in the program had ever been performed before in Nashville - Arvo Pärt's Frates, which exists in many forms and was featured in the film There Will Be Blood.

What rings true with the selected compositions is the sense of chaos and struggle as a necessary component of metamorphosis. Without conflict, we cannot move into a new existence or reach that higher plane. The music is visceral, energetic and not easily contained.

Jonathan Harvey’s Valley of Aosta was inspired by a J.M.W. Turner painting of the same name, which depicts a snowstorm, avalanche and thunderstorm. A virtuosic explosion of energy, the piece captures the experience of furious nature as an essential element of transcendence and includes unusual musical techniques such as two harps and two synthesizers each tuned a quarter-step apart. These performances were only the second time that the Harvey had been performed in the United States.

New Dialect worked collaboratively with Intersection to present new choreography to two pieces on the program, and Zeitgeist Gallery contributed visual elements created specifically for Intersection.


Part: Fratres for chamber ensemble (1977)

Shepherd: Metamorphoses (2004)

Harvey: Valley of Aosta (1988)

Gubaidulina: Concordanza (1971)

Rorem: Eleven Studies for Eleven Players (1959)

Kelly Corcoran, Conductor
New Dialect
Zeitgeist Gallery

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Jennifer Curtis, Concertmaster *
Christina McGann, Violin
James Larson, Viola
Michael Samis, Cello *
Kevin Jablonski, Bass
Philip Dikeman, Flute
Jared Hauser, Oboe
Curt Dallace Miller, Clarinet
Gil Perel, Bassoon
Brian Utley, Saxophone
Patrick Walle, French Horn
Jeff Bailey, Trumpet *
David Loucky, Trombone
Alan Fey, Percussion
Lawson White, Percussion
Kirsten Agresta Copely, Harp *
Maggie Lovell, Harp
Lauren Coplan, Piano
Jihye Chang, Piano *
* Core Member

Artists and Composers

Kelly Corcoran - Conductor
Kelly Corcoran - Conductor
New Dialect - Photo Credit Zachary Gray
New Dialect - Photo Credit Zachary Gray
Zetigeist Gallery
Zeitgeist Gallery
Arvo Part
Arvo Part
Sean Shepherd
Sean Shepherd
Jonathan Harvey
Jonathan Harvey
Sofia Gubaidulina
Sofia Gubaidulina
Ned Rorem
Ned Rorem