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TJ Cole – Trains!
Performed by Tracy Silverman, Electric Violin

Conversation with TJ Cole
Conversation with Tracy Silverman
Educational Materials
Listen: Trains!

TJ Cole imitates the sounds of a train using various techniques and notes on the electric violin. This is a form of imagery and imitation. If you close your eyes and listen, can you imagine a train passing by?

Dig Deeper: Looping

This piece is performed using a looping pedal allowing the musician to record short segments of music, known as “loops,” and then repeat them continuously until they decide to stop them. 

Create and Make: Make Your Own Loop Piece

Try making your own loops to create a piece of music. Loops are made by recording short segments of music or sound. If you play an instrument, try recording yourself playing short phrases. If you don’t play an instrument, you can still create loops, just record any sound you’d like to repeat over and over again.

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Program Sponsors

Amphion Foundation
Tennessee Arts Commission
Metro Arts Nashville
The Alice M. Ditson Fund
Women's Philharmonic Advocacy
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