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Season 2 - Moving Forward


Sea of Tonality

Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 7:30pm

Venue: Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum


As we explore the sonic relationships and interactivity thriving within contemporary compositions, Intersection’s second season debut continues the search through works focused on tonality, melody and diverse instrumentation. The bill, titled Sea of Tonality, is based on Toru Takemitsu’s Rain Coming, for Chamber Orchestra and his perception of tonality as a fluid element, constantly shifting and taking new forms. The performance will also feature works by Tina Tallon, Joby Talbot and Elliott Carter, whose Mosaic, is a highly demanding work composed later in his career and features harpist Kirsten Agresta Copely. But the evening’s highlight is its final piece: Julia Wolfe’s True Love, featuring Julia Wolfe! As the recent recipient of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Music, Wolfe has been a consistent and prolific voice for contemporary classical music throughout her career. And as her only work composed for a soloist and large ensemble, Intersection will perform True Love, with local accordionist Jeff Lisenby. This performance will provide patrons an intimate window into Wolfe’s creative process, so join us for this remarkable opportunity to experience an evening of contemporary conversation.


Tina Tallon: πνευμα μηχανης (PNEUMA MEKHANES) (2014)

Elliott Carter: Mosaic (2004)

Toru Takemitsu: Rain Coming for Chamber Orchestra (1982)

Joby Talbot: Minus 1500 (2001)

Julia Wolfe: True Love (2006)


Mariachi - Family Concert

Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 2pm

Venue: Casa Azafran

Intersection presented a family program which was guaranteed to broaden horizons and ignite the imaginations of all ages. Mariachi, was an afternoon of activities and music featuring thirteen Intersection musicians, Gabriela Fuentes and Mariachi students from Metro Schools and Manuel Delgado of Delgado Guitars. We explored the vibrancy of Mariachi folk traditions and the contemporary classical voices of Mexican composers Silvestre Revueltas and Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, and we experienced the ways both cross and influence one another. Revueltas and Sanchez-Gutierrez represent different generations of Mexican composers both influenced by the voices that came before them. This show also featured the world premiere of a Forma, composed by Intersection’s composer ambassador, Christina Spinei. Her composition was created specifically for the collaboration of these artists. It was a perfect concert for adults and children alike, as we celebrated Mexican music and culture.


Cristina Spinei: NEW WORK (2016)

Revueltas: Homenaje a Federico García Lorca (1937)

Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez: M.E. in Memoriam (1994) 

Mariachi Selections

INTERSECTION_Mariachi_Nashville, TN_0131

Key of Intensity

Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 7:30pm

Venue: The Platform

The Ondes Martenot is a French instrument created in the 1920s that blends a traditional piano keyboard with timbral controls and amplification through gongs and lyres, among others. Arguably the most expressive of electronic instruments, it has also been revered for its haunting and beautiful monophony, rich with expressive subtlety akin to acoustic instruments such as the cello. And similar to contemporary classical, the instrument is experimental, defiant of convention and, ultimately, provides a beautiful payoff. It is incredibly rare to even hear an Ondes Martenot live due to the limited number of musicians who have mastered it, but Intersection has crafted a seven-piece bill devoted entirely to the instrument featuring two of the finest Ondes Martenot performers in the world: Montreal’s Estelle Lemire and Marie Bernard. Featuring works from Tristan Murail, Claude Vivier and Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead), the bill illustrates the instrument’s significance and rise in popularity in tandem with contemporary classical’s renaissance. The evening will also include an instrument demonstration with Lemire and Bernard.


Greenwood: Smear (2004)

Murail: Mach 2, 5 for 2 Ondes Martenots (1971)

Milhaud: Suite (1933)

Lalonde: Glissements, tourments, et ravissements (1988)

Vivier (orch. Rea): Pulau Dewata (1977)

Key of Intensity_Ondes martenot.jpg
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