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Juri Seo – Goldfinch
Performed by Patrick Dailey, countertenor

Program Note by Juri Seo

Birdsongs are a mystery to the human ear. Every language has produced a myriad of unsuccessful attempts at depicting birdsongs. My Goldfinch lives in the continuum between humans and birds. The lyrics are various mnemonics, the most prominent being the “po-ta-to-chip” call of the American Goldfinch. It is a song we sing to the birds, with the birds, in our unrelenting affection for them.  

Conversation with Juri
Conversation with Patrick
Educational Materials
Listen: Audio Effects

To perform Goldfinch, the singer needs to use two different microphones. Listen closely to hear what happens to the singer’s voice as he sings into different microphones. Is he making all of the sounds by himself?

Dig Deeper: Change the Sound of Your Voice

The performer of Goldfinch is using electronics (computer software) to change the way his voice sounds. Can you find ways to change your voice without using a microphone and computer? What happens if you sing into different objects? Does the room/space you’re in change how your voice sounds?

Create and Make: Sing With the Birds

The composer used lyrics that mimic the call of birdsongs. They are not actually the sounds that birds make. Instead, they are the words and sounds humans make to sing back to birds. Can you make your own song to sing to the birds?


Activities program


Program Sponsors

Amphion Foundation
Tennessee Arts Commission
Metro Arts Nashville
The Alice M. Ditson Fund
Women's Philharmonic Advocacy
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