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Alisha Heng – a late night walk
Performed by Jennifer Kummer, horn

Program Note by Alisha Heng

a late-night walk for solo horn was inspired by about a month of late-night walks in Baltimore. I’d walk for about 20 minutes down to the harbor and spend about 10 minutes writing. While not everything ended up in the final piece I’d say that it’s a representative piece of work of what I think about and feel on late-night walks.

Performance Photo Gallery
Conversation with Alisha
Conversation with Jennifer
Educational Materials
Listen: Two Styles

Listen to the two main styles of the work, starting with an upbeat, childish feel, and transitioning to a warm, soaring legato interspersed with metallic sounds.

Dig Deeper: Inspiration and Compositional Process

What inspired this piece and how did the composer turn all of that inspiration into music?

Create and Make: Storyboard

Imagine that this piece is the score to a film or cartoon. Try making a storyboard for that film or cartoon.


Activities program

Program Sponsors

Amphion Foundation
Tennessee Arts Commission
Metro Arts Nashville
The Alice M. Ditson Fund
Women's Philharmonic Advocacy
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