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Nailah Nombeko – Agrestic Landscape - Birds at Dawn
Performed by Jared Hauser, oboe

Program Note by Nailah Nombeko

The inspiration for "Agrestic Landscape" came from the sounds of birds outside of my bedroom window. I wrote this piece during the spring when I heard the birds making a variety of calls. There was one particular call of a minor 6th (F# down to A# in the opening which I decorated) that stood out because it was very loud and consistent. All of the other calls were shorter and much more fleeting in contrast to this one call that continued for a long time. I tried to capture the array of bird calls and shape them into a piece of music that would be interesting for the listener.

Conversation with Nailah
Conversation with Jared
Educational Materials
Listen: Illustrating the music

Imagine you are the composer and draw the scenery.

Dig Deeper: Compare and Contrast

Depicting animals in music has been a favorite for many composers.

Create and Make: Compose your own piece

Choose an animal and portray it musically.


Activities program

Program Sponsors

Amphion Foundation
Tennessee Arts Commission
Metro Arts Nashville
The Alice M. Ditson Fund
Women's Philharmonic Advocacy
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