Season 8 - Community

We all belong to many communities, shaped at times by geography, our values, our shared interests and more. This season we are exploring this concept of community - whether it be the new music community, Nashville, those that celebrate creativity, or those that recognize contemporary arts as an essential part of how we understand the stories of our time.  This season Intersection will continue our LISTEN project commissioning new works, LULLABY working with new moms to write original music for their babies, our collaboration with Choral Arts Link on UPON THESE SHOULDERS, and we plan to (finally!) present MUSICA NUEVA featuring the world premiere of a guitar concerto by Cuban composer Leo Brouwer in partnership with Global Education Center.  A PHOTOVOICE project will help us to explore the concept of community and contemporary music.  As our work has evolved over 8 seasons, we hold the concepts of community and partnership at the center of our work.  Our ears remain wide open.

Kelly Corcoran, Artistic Director

Kelly Corcoran, Artistic Director

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The vision of Intersection is to expand and shift the perspectives of audiences and musicians of all ages, through the creation, cultivation and performance of contemporary music, a vital, thriving and inspiring form of art.

Intersection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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