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Season 10 - Celebration

Concert and Program Details Announced on an Ongoing Basis!

Our tenth season, CELEBRATION, remains true to intersection’s core values of curiosity, play and collaboration all in support of creativity and new music.   We can hardly believe it’s our 10th year of programming in this great music city!  As we celebrate the many amazing artists and partners we’ve had the honor of working with, we aim to have both playful, light musical experiences, and hold space for deep reflection and exploration.   


Season 10 will include December PLAYTIME featuring a chocolate tasting, dance moves and dreamscapes at Green Door Gourmet.  This spring, we will present the world premiere of three new works by Sungji Hong, Gary Powell Nash and Robbie Lynn Hunsinger.  

Additional details of Intersection's tenth season will be announced on a rolling basis.

PLAYTIME - December 2nd at Green Door Gourmet
ART and ACTIVISM - February 7th at Tennessee Justice Center
THIN PLACES - March 23rd at Trinity Presbyterian Church
BOUNDLESS BEATS - May 3rd at Nashville Public Library
10TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY - May 19th at Tennessee Justice Center
JUNETEENTH - June 15th at Tennessee State Museum

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