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Nkeiru Okoye – Breaking Bread
Performed by Amadi Azikiwe, Viola

Conversation with Nkeiru Okoye
Conversation with Amadi Azikiwe
Educational Materials
Listen: Let Us Break Bread Together

The composer, Nkeiru Okoye, used a popular church hymn as the basis for this piece. The hymn she used is called Let Us Break Bread Together. Okoye weaves it in and out of her own composition, Breaking Bread.

Dig Deeper: Collaboration

Okoye knew she wanted to write a piece using a hymn as the basis for the piece, so she sent the violist, Amadi Azikiwe, three spirituals to choose from. Having Azikiwe select his favorite hymn and Okoye writing specifically for him makes this piece extra special.

Create and Make: Write a Hymn

Hymns are religious songs or poems of praise to God or a god, but they don’t have to always be religious. They can praise anything! Pick something that you want to praise and write a hymn about it.

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